About Us

Since 2005, the Faucons Elite AAA organization aims to:

Why Us?

The key to our success lies in some essential values, such as our coaches' support toward our young.

In addition, our expertise and commitment to the sport make the Faucons a guaranteed success.

Since hockey is a passion for our coaches, it is easy for them to teach players their knowledge. Our qualified and determined staff allow our teams to operate correctly and efficiently.



Bob Hartley Dear Hockey Players,

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the great family of the Faucons AAA. During the coming weeks, you'll have the opportunity to live through sport-related and cultural experiences and meet new friends.

As young hockey players dreaming of a career in the NHL, I challenge you to demonstrate good sportsmanship, to fully involve yourselves for the good of your team, and to be good ambassadors for the Faucons AAA, an organization which is synonymous with class and passion!

Be good, and above all don't forget to... have fun!

Have a Great Season,
Bob Hartley is the director and On-Ice Coach of the Bob Hartley High Intensity Camp
Head Coach Calgary Flames - NHL